Maritime Square 【Free Parking Privilege】

Shoppers can enjoy complimentary parking upon shopping at Maritime Square!

Spending Requirement

Complimentary Parking

Mon to Fri (excluding Public Holidays)

HK$200or above /

2 same day movie tickets

2 hours

Sat, Sun and Public Holidays

HK$200 or above

HK$400 or above

1 hour

2 hours

Dine & Park Privilege

Spending Requirement

Complimentary Parking

Mon to Thu (excluding Public Holidays)

HK$300 or above 

single  spending at Maritime Square restaurants after 6pm

Extra 1 hour

Please refer to the list of Restaurants

Terms and Conditions

  1. The New Parking Privileges are valid from 1-Sep 2023 until further notice.
  2. Free parking is applicable in Hourly Carpark at Maritime Square 1 & 2.

  3. Shoppers are required to present no more than two original same-day electronic sales receipt(s) or 2 same-day movie ticket stubs from Cine-Art, Maritime Square and the corresponding original electronic payment slips from purchase made at Maritime Square designated shops to enjoy parking privileges. Customers must present the receipts through our Customer Service Centre. Customers must present the valid original computer receipt(s) from Maritime Square’s tenants for redemption. Any receipts of cash and cash voucher payment and counterfoil of EPS or credit card, handwritten receipts, outdated, defaced, amended, damaged, photocopied or bill payment receipts will not be accepted. Photocopied or duplicated receipts will not be valid.

  4. If customers wish to use electronic currency to redeem parking discounts, they must present a valid  epayment receipt for same-day purchases of specified amounts at designated merchants in Maritime Square, and make eligible electronic payments at the designated merchants using approved electronic payment methods (including credit cards, EPS, Octopus, Alipay, WeChat Pay, BoC Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, UnionPay QuickPass, Tap & Go, FPS, PayMe, OpenRice Pay, Atome, and any other stored value payment instruments governed by the Payment Systems and Stored Value Facilities Ordinance (Chapter 584)), along with the original electronic receipt and screenshot of the electronic currency payment confirmation or relevant electronic currency transaction record to enjoy the free parking redemption.

  5. Customers must use the same payment tool (e.g. Octopus, credit card) to enter and exit the car park in order to redeem free parking.

  6. Parking fee of additional hours will be charged on hourly basis exclude the free parking privilege. Parking less than an hour will be also calculated as 1 hour.
  7. For each set of valid receipt is applicable to one vehicle only.  Double redemption using same set of valid receipt is not allowed. Customers will be requested to settle any outstanding parking fee if the redemption is found invalid.
  8. For each set of valid receipt is applicable to one vehicle only and a maximum of 3-hour free parking service.  Redemption of Parking Privileges can be made ANYTIME at Maritime Square Customer Service Centre. "Accumulated Free Parking Hours" will be printed on the receipt for the customer’s reference. Any additional parking hours after the "Accumulated Free Parking Hours" will be charged in accordance with the Maritime Square car park hourly parking rate.

  9. This offer is not applicable on any unregistered, cancelled, revoked transactions.
  10. In case there is, in our opinion, any fraud relating to or abuse of the free parking redemption services, Maritime Square Management Office reserves the right to suspend the provision of free parking redemption to such customer until the outstanding balance of the parking fee is settled.

  11. Receipts of the following shops or services are NOT applicable to this promotion : Any non-designated electronic payment, temporary promotional booths, online shopping / takeaway order platform, online payment (including collect in store) , MTR shops, any repayment, transfer, purchase and usage of gift vouchers / coupons / gift cards / stored-value cards, reload of stored-value cards (except game centre), bill payments, autopay, bank, foreign currency exchanges, insurance and value-added services, property rental and sale, other non-retail related spending (for instance: care and maintenance services, repair services, goods delivery, dismantling services, installation services), betting, school fees, purchase of travel or transport or entertainment related tickets fees or charges, 999.9 gold and gold savings club (not including decorated gold).

  12. Maritime Square reserves the right to scan shoppers' electronic sales receipts and corresponding electronic payment slips for internal reference only.

  13. Free parking cannot be redeemed once the parking fee is settled.

  14. Maritime Square will not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by third-party access to MTR Mobile and/or stolen or lost personal mobile devices.

  15. For Hourly Carpark user, in the case of loss of Octopus Card or VISA Card, the user has to fully settle the actual parking fee in accordance with The Corporation’s parking record. Cash Voucher, discount coupon or car parking privilege will NOT be accepted to offset the charge.

  16. The free parking cannot be split, transferred, refunded or exchanged for cash or cash-equivalent coupons. 

  17. Customers should follow the rules and regulations of Carpark Service.

  18. Maritime Square Management Office reserves the rights to terminate or amend the terms and conditions of Complimentary Parking without prior notice. In case of any dispute, the decision of Maritime Square Management Office shall be final.

  19. The Chinese version shall prevail if there is any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions of these T&C.
  20. Maritime Square 2 car park Night Parking Privilege is valid at Maritime Square 2 car park only, not applicable to Maritime Square 1 car park.  The Night Parking Privilege will be automatically applied upon exiting the car park. NO redemption procedure is required at the Customer Service Centre.