Maritime Square - eVoucher / eCoupon Participating Shops

Participating Shops

MTR Malls eVoucher / eCoupon can be used at the following shops at Maritime Square:

Shop Category:


Shoes & Bags




Watch & Jewellery

Electronics & Telecommunications

Department Stores



Health Products & Personal Care


Gifts, Books & Stationery




Shop NameShop Number
6ixty 8ight159, 1/F, Phase 1
Baleno149, 1/F, Phase 1
Bauhaus161, 1/F, Phase 1
Bellain Accessories ShopTSY32, 1/F, Phase 1
Bossini107B, 1/F, Phase 1


206-208, 2/F, Phase 1

Hisso142A, 1/F, Phase 1

Jack & Jones

113-144, 1/F, Phase 1

Kate213B, 2/F, Phase 1

Moshi Ron

162A, 1/F, Phase 1
Rococo214A, 2/F, Phase 1
Satami155, 1/F, Phase 1
Uniqlo108C, 1/F,Phase 1
Veeko143, 1/F, Phase 1

Shoes & Bags
Shop NameShop Number
Clarks112, 1/F, Phase 1
Dr. Kong FOOTCARE153A, 1/F, Phase 1
Skechers105, 1/F, Phase 1

Shop NameShop Number
Nike / C.P.U.165, 1/F, Phase 1
Marathon Sports107A, 1/F, Phase 1


103, 1/F,. Phase 2
Sportshouse108A, 1/F, Phase 1

Optical Goods
Shop NameShop Number
LENSCRAFTERS317B, 3/F, Phase 1
Optical 88322A, 3/F, Phase 1
Rich Honour OpticalTSY34, 1/F, Phase 1
Zoff141A-B, 1/F, Phase 1

Shop NameShop Number
Fancl House104, 1/F, Phase 1
Innisfree153C, 1/F, Phase 1
L'Occitane En Provence158, 1/F, Phase 1
LANEIGE157, 1/F, Phase 1
Sa Sa Cosmetic215, 2/F, Phase 1
The Body Shop153B, 1/F, Phase 1
TONYMOLY142, 1/F, Phase 1

Watch & Jewellery
Shop NameShop Number
Chow Sang Sang164, 1/F, Phase 1
Chow Tai Fook138-140, 1/F, Phase 1
Luk Fook Jewellery & Goldsmith Company162B-163, 1/F, Phase 1
MaBelle144, 1/F, Phase 1

Electronics & Telecommunications
Shop NameShop Number
±0 Plus Minus Zero148, 1/F, Phase 1
Broadway135-137, 1/F, Phase 1
Cyber Telecom169, 1/F, Phase 1
Fortress305-307A, 3/F, Phase 1
OSIM303, 3/F, Phase 1
Telecom Digital /Sun Mobile173, 1/F, Phase 1
Wilson Communication145, 1/F, Phase 1

Health Products & Personal Care
Shop NameShop Number
CR Care323A, 3/F, Phase 1
HK Jebn209, 2/F, Phase 1
Kwong Tai Medicine Co. Ltd.328, 3/F, Phase 1
Lee Hong Dispensary321, 3/F, Phase 1
Mannings216-217, 2/F, Phase 1
Premier FoodG17,G/F, Phase 1
Wai Yuen Tong314, 3/F, Phase 1
Watson311-312, 3/F, Phase 1
Wellsoon Chinese Medicine ClinicG18, G/F, Phase 2

Shop NameShop Number
BRUNO160A, 1/F, Phase 1
Carl Schmidt SohnG29, G/F, Phase 2
EMMAS DENTONS214D, 2/F, Phase 1
JHC123-125, 1/F, Phase 1


160B, 1/F, Phase 1

OSOS MallG06, G/F, Phase 1
Pricerite210, 2/F, Phase 1


214C, 2/F, Phase 1

Department Stores
Shop NameShop Number
Marks & Spencer101-102, 1/F,Phase 1

Shop NameShop Number
Cine-Art House326, 3/F, Phase 2
Jumpin Gym USA223, 2/F, Phase 2
nobi nobi129-130, Phase 1


Shop Name

Shop Number

Ingrid Millet

218C, 2/F, Phase 1

Pretty House

308F, 3/F, Phase 1

Gift,Books & Stationery
Shop NameShop Number Ella316B, 3/F, Phase 1
Joint Publishing209, 2/F, Phase 1

Shop NameShop Number

Lego Pet

195, 1/F, Phase 2

Tom Lee Music167-168, 1/F, Phase 1

Shop NameShop Number
Best Mart 360TSY30-31, 1/F, Phase 1
Chateraise188, 1/F, Phase 2
CHEZ CHOUX189, 1/F, Phase 2


183, 1/F, Phase 2

GODIVA Belgium 1926133-134, 1/F, Phase 1
Hung Fook Tong - Herbal Tea & Soup Square171, 1/F, Phase 1
Italian Tomato221, 2/F, Phase 1
JUEWEI318A, 3/F, Phase 1
Kee Wah Bakery318, 3/F, Phase 1
LUCULLUS147, 1/F, Phase 1
O'Farm319B, 3/F, Phase 1
Okashi LandTSY4, G/F, Phase 1
Chen Yun Pao Chuan154B, 1/F, Phase 1

Shop NameShop Number
ASAM Chicken Rice218A, 2/F, Phase 1
Beans222, 2/F, Phase 2
Beppu301A, 3/F, Phase 1
Crystal Jade Chiu Chow KitchenG22-G23, G/F, Phase 1
East Ocean Lafayette117, 1/F, Phase 1
Ging Sun Ho King of Bun197, 1/F, Phase 2
McDonald's / McCafeG36-37, G/F, Phase 2
Mr. SteakG03A, G/F, Phase 1
Nam Kee Spring Roll NoodleG15-16, G/F, Phase 1
NeNe Chicken & Toast Luk226, 2/F, Phase 2
Pacific Coffee186-187, 1/F, Phase 2
Paradise Dynasty310B, 3/F, Phase 1
PizzaExpress325, 3/F, Phase 2
Pokka Cafe201, 2/F, Phase 1
Praise House Congee & Noodle CuisineG03B, G/F, Phase 1
so thai so good302, 3/F, Phase 1
Sushi No MidoriG24-25, G/F, Phase 1
TeaWood Taiwanese Cafe & RestaurantG07-G09, G/F, Phase 1
The Dining Room225, 2/F, Phase 2
The Story Cafe & Bakery117, 1/F, Phase 2
TOAST BOX128, 1/F, Phase 1
Twinkle Elephant302, 3/F, Phase 1
Victoria Harbour Supreme310A, 3/F, Phase 1

Terms and Conditions

  1. A smartphone (iOS 12 and Android 7) with the MTR Mobile app, internet access and photography function is required to access MTR Malls eVoucher / eCoupon.
  2. MTR Malls eVoucher / eCoupon is applicable at the designated participating tenants. The participating tenant lists are available at “Accept MTR Malls eVoucher / eCoupon ” on the MTR Mobile app or 
  3. Registered users are required to read the usage terms and condition before redemption. Upon confirmation, the corresponding MTR Points will be deducted instantly from registered users’ account. No cancellation or point refund is allowed. The redemption process should be completed inside MTR Mobile App.
  4. Registered users are required to open the corresponding eVoucher / eCoupon and scan the designated QR Code provided by merchants to enjoy this discount offer.
  5. Registered users are required to collect or use the redeemed rewards at the designated mall or participating merchants within the designated period in person. Otherwise, the rewards will be forfeited automatically, with no refund of rewards or MTR Points.
  6. eVoucher / eCoupon must be redeemed on the date or time specific, otherwise it will be forfeited. Screencap and copy of this eVoucher is invalid.
  7. eVoucher / eCoupon is not allowed to transfer to other MTR Mobile user before redeemed. 
  8. eVoucher / eCoupon cannot be converted back to MTR Points or cannot be cancelled, altered, or exchanged for cash, nor for other gifts under any circumstances once it is used. 
  9. The participating tenants shall bear sole responsibility for all obligations and liabilities related to the goods or services provided in return.
  10. The total value of each eVoucher / eCoupon will be deducted in full when used, and if there is any excess, such excess will be forfeited.
  11. Each eVoucher / eCoupon is valid for one-time use only.
  12. eVoucher / eCoupon can be used in conjunction with other mechants’ promotional offers and each time more than one voucher can be used. For the number of each eVoucher / eCoupon can be used per transaction, please refer to the Terms & Conditions on relevant eVoucher / eCoupon .
  13. Once eVoucher / eCoupon is used in the transaction, a confirmation page with animation and unique transaction number will be shown on the MTR Mobile app. Please show the transaction number to shop staff as confirmation.
  14. Each transaction is limited to MTR Malls eVoucher / eCoupon held by the same MTR Mobile member.
  15. eVoucher / eCoupon is not applicable to any value-adding service (exclude game centers) or payment service, purchase of any gift and shopping voucher and 999.9 gold (excluding gold accessories)
  16. MTR Malls and the participating Merchants/Suppliers will not bear any responsibility in any case of network problems, system malfunctioning, poor phone reception, blocking by third party applications, incomplete/ inaccurate/ missing information provided by customers that cause the delay, loss, mistake or corruption of an information transfer, which caused failure of completion of order/transaction or other issues of order/transaction.
  17. This program is subjected to the terms and conditions of MTR Point Scheme, should there be any discrepancy, these terms and conditions shall prevail. For details of the MTR Points terms and conditions, please refer to the in-mall communication, Terms of Use in the MTR Mobile app, or contact MTR Points Service Hotline at 2993 4375 for enquiries. 
  18. MTR Malls will not reissue eVoucher / eCoupon if lost or stolen. 
  19. In case of disputes, the decision of the MTR Malls management office shall be final.